Welcome to Cupids Whispers where our mantra is EVERY DAY IS LOVE DAY. My name is Dave the POET.

This journey called life has taken me all over the world. Like you I have enjoyed incredible highs and suffered immense lows all while meeting truly the most amazing people. You are the ones who inspire me to think, feel and ultimately share the gift of the muse. Creating art is more about participating in the process as opposed to achieving an ultimate goal. Surrendering to a higher power that uses me as a vessel to harness universal messages that make me a humbler person by sharing their raw emotion with the world that challenges, welcomes and inspires me.

I started writing about 15 years as a cathartic way to heal my wounded soul. Since then I have amassed a body of work encompassing roughly 1200 original
pieces consisting of poems, songs, short stories and screen plays. As a performance poet it was always the goal to present the work in a fashion accentuating the gift I have been blessed with. Knowing that the words that flow through me are the same emotions we all emote.

By presenting them in written, spoken and videoed performances, I wanted to give you the ability to enjoy and share them in a way that is unique to you. To communicate whats in your heart when you don’t know exactly how to say it. Hopefully giving you, like me, the desire to make this world a better place by remembering and understanding we are all beautiful in our differences and united in our similarities.

So writing and sharing from my perch in the mountains of southern Colorado, welcome to Cupids Whispers. A destination created for you to remind yourself, friends, family and loved ones that ultimately everybody is special and simply just how much you care.