ROYALTY DAVE THE POET While, The rest of the world survives People born to privilege thrive Who was born, With the silver spoon Daddy’s father, ... Read More

V. I. P.’S

V.I.P.’S DAVE THE POET We are the V.I.P.’s Welcome to the cage Built just for us To lock out, All you slaves Get used, To ... Read More


REVOLUTION DAVE THE POET   Who is it, Knocking at my door The savior, With a helping hand Or the reaper, Who wants more When ... Read More


REMINDED DAVE THE POET Why is it, That you don’t call home Someone, Is waiting all alone For that phone to ring Be on time, ... Read More


REALITY CHECK DAVE THE POET Reality, Truth Reside, In the question and answer booth Tell us, What we want to hear You might, See the ... Read More


PEOPLE BLEED DAVE THE POET I was born into a world, Less right than wrong The weak are devoured, By the strong We all deserve ... Read More


NOT RICH DAVE THE POET The time is right To start a revolution No more talk What’s the solution The power to steal In the ... Read More


HARMONY DAVE THE POET Look at this world About to explode Leaders get rich While society erodes How much destruction Can we take We welcome ... Read More