We meet so many people
Few change our lives
Some are lifelong friends
Knowing others, For a moment in time
Then there are the special ones
Make the hard day’s
Easier to survive
Open up their hearts
Protect us from the cold
Show up at just the right time
When you shouldn’t be left alone
Understand your faults
Love you just the same
Truly a team player
In life’s ever changing game
Look into your soul
Help you start to heal
Without speaking
They know how you feel
The sky is full of rainbows
Whenever they’re around
Knowing where to look
When you’re lost and can’t be found
Turning quicksand into solid ground
Opening their home
When you need a place to rest
A teacher to help in your quest
When I start to tumble
On you I can depend
You are my Guardian Angel
I love you lot’s my friend