While, The rest of the world survives
People born to privilege thrive
Who was born, With the silver spoon
Daddy’s father, Was an air tycoon
I change your oil, The filter upgrade is free
How does it feel, To be royalty

Since 99 percent, Of the world is average
Few get to ride, In the horse and carriage
I have no place to live, Because my rent ain’t free
My kids are starving, Living on the streets
No address, No school, The perks of poverty
With nothing to lose, At least tears are free
In my kingdom at night, The rats become royalty
They dance and sing, Have a grand ol ‘time
We both know, Their life, Is better than mine

A man, Kisses his family goodbye
His last meal, Peach cobbler and bar-b-que
Moments from dying, For a crime he didn’t do
Although the system prevailed
The scales of justice failed
Electrocution, Old school style
Time to shuffle, The death row mile
Power pardons itself, And rarely appeals
The silent breath of slavery, Becomes hurricane real

They cover his eyes, So no one can see
Justice is blind, For you and me
Pulling the switch, That sets him free
Smoke rising, From his haloed head
Mind, Body and Soul, Pronounced dead
A soldier’s soul, Fights to be free
Sacrificed like virgins, To the lions of royalty