We are the V.I.P.’s
Welcome to the cage
Built just for us
To lock out, All you slaves
Get used, To sleeping in the parks
Live like dog’s, As we ignore your barks
We control what you Eat, See, Drink, Breathe and Believe

Go with the flow, You’ll get by
Enough education, To super-size french-fries
Healthcare is something, You don’t need
There are already too many, Of you to feed
We let you breed, To fight our wars
Flock like rats, To our superstores
New World Order, On a global scale
Martial law sirens wail
The free and the brave
All wrapped up, In government chains

The rights you hold, In such high esteem
Are chaperoned, By corporate greed
We have everything, We need
While you survive, On reality TV
Power junkies, Lick their lips
As you’re euthanized, With politics
Vote for us, Cause it’s your right
Elect the V.I.P.’s
We win, Every fight