I am not, The Angel of death
Come, From Mother Earth
I am a child of love
The Rasta rainbow, Was born black and white
A humble lion, Heard revolutionary tales
As the Trench Town sirens, Howled and wailed
There is a voice inside, Talking to everyone
My life is my life
Time will tell

I never bow, I come to conquer
Where is peace, I often wonder
If I was educated, I’d be a fool
With music and love
I took the world to school
A concrete jungle, Is no place to live
It feeds on the youth
Who, Have everything to give
They want freedom and peace, For all mankind
Dred’s suffer, Masses suffer
My home, Is where I am
What I think, Where I go
Jah, Is in my head

A revolutionary, With no help
Take no bribe, From no one
Fights with music
Politics says, Pick a side
Black or white, I choose Gods light
It’s warming and it heals
Nourishes, Never steals

Everyone, Has a cause
Do you trust, Who you know
Sit on a fence
You might get shot off, By friend or foe
Who, Will set the example
Follow, The way he lives
Can human kind, Ever live together
Look at the Middle-East
The money, Is in war
Not selling peace

I sing and pray, To make things right
To thrive, We must all unite
My rights, Are my rights
Try and take them from me
I’ll shoot you, The sheriff and his deputy
Everything, Is going to be alright
We can choose, To love not fight
Never kill another
Everybody is love
Aren’t you

Exodus, Movement of Jah people
Smoke the herb, Water to wine
Life is music, Rhythm and rhyme
Where is the green part, Of the earth
That’s where, I want to live
Peace work, Never ends
It’s needed the world around
Love, Lives in Rasta
The heartbeat, Of Trench Town
Rasta, Is the future for you and me
Peace, Love, Humanity
One Heart, One Love, One Destiny