Gypsy, Dancer, Beauty Queen
Looking for love, Through damaged eyes
Swinging for dollars, While the miles fade away
She flashes her life, For anyone to see
If the price is right, You can taste her soul
Ravaged while a little girl, Dark, Black and Cold
Wanting more then money, Needing more then fame
The music fills the void, While the drugs kill the pain
Thinks about her choices, While she has another shot
A star, She’s made the big time, What else has she got
Tries not to remember, The life she gave away
Thinks about his smile, She’ll never know his name
Looks across the bar, At all the damaged goods
Drinking, Smoking, Telling lies, She’d change things if she could
Aprons, Christmas, Picket Fence, Wrapped up in a bow
They say her name, The music pumps, It’s time to start her show
All eyes are upon her, Oh so all alone
Empty heart, Empty soul, She knows no other home
Someday things will change, For now each days the same
Gypsy, Dancer, Beauty Queen, God’s Angel just the same