Had breakfast, With an empty chair
Your perfume, Didn’t fill the air
Opened my heart, You weren’t there
What seemed so right, All went wrong
Sadder, Then a country western song
Love your mother
Always please her
Don’t become, A Dream Seeker

When I think, Of that heavenly place
Harps play, Angels sing, Your smiling face
Close my eyes, Say my prayers
Keeps me strong and true
Roses on the wind, Gifted special to you
Beautiful and alive, Is the only way I see her
Visits in shadow and light
She, Is the Dream Seeker

The brightest star, That never goes away
The warmth of heart, Innocence at play
When hard times, Fall like leaves
Your calmness comforts me
Every mother, Gives a vision to her child
Forever Bleeding, Breathing, Joined and Alive
In the right light, When I look inside
Like smoke in a mirror, I breathe her
The Heart and Soul, Of a Dream Seeker