Born in a home, Full of love, Family all around
Ate, Slept and bathed together
A dreamer’s world
Aunts and Uncles, Lived everywhere
One day you wake up, You’re a target
Be it Color, Belief or Creed
Someone decides, You are so important, There is nowhere to hide

Among stomping boots and screaming sirens, Trains took us on vacation
The kind of place, Once you went, You never came back
People from all over came to share, Participation was not required
A view of humanity, You will never forget
The food is you, Eaten alive daily
With a side of Mind, Body and Soul
Literally, The time of your life

I remember my Grandmother, Making living bread
She said “Your heart is yours, Souls live free and dreams survive”
A cloud, Now I miss her
Never knowing, Where to go, Lost inside an endless hole
Remember me
When time is pain, And the spirit is broken
It’s time to go home, Be a kid again
Make living bread, With my Grandmother