There is no place, I’ve not been
Never a virgin, Born condemned
Mom and Dad’s, Living sin
GMO is my DNA
Creating new life, Reborn again

Who knows, What to believe
Rupert’s cartoon life, One percent thugs and thieves
What’s green is green, What glitters gold
Dead stop, Hearts grow cold
Times are violent, So am I
Tattooed clowns tears, Bleed from my eyes
The pipe is hot, So is the high
Lightning quick, A sonic drive by

Black night, Sirens wail
Hearts and souls, Up for sale
Every second, Is the same
Shirts and skins, In the Devils game
Living and breathing, Boys and girls
Demographic, Half the world

I’m the New World Orders, Amazon dream
Ground hog day
A constant, Quentin Terrintino movie scene
Always blood at sunrise
Today it could be mine
Down for the cause
Deaf, Dumb and Blind

Festering, At the Heart Break Hotel
Rats and a roof
Room service from hell
My sister hustles, Going door to door
Four-twenty Amway break, Behind the liquor store
She’s the smart one, Got a foolproof plan
As important to the master
As his spray on tan
Walking dead, Some facts are true
The praying mantis, Wants to worship you
Pavlovian, Boys and girls
Demographic, Half the world

Wait till tomorrow, There will be more
Modified atheists, From genocidal holy wars
Trained and armed, Killing to survive
Organized ants, On Satan’s assembly line
Taught family values, By video games
Euthanized zombies, Bleed diseased pain
A Darwinian dragon
Dances, Like a diamond on glass
Acid etched scars, Of the future ruling class

Blood will flow, They will feast
Gorging with vengeance, In the belly of the beast
Turn on social media, Watch it all unfurl
Brothers and sisters
A public service announcement
Signed, Sealed and delivered
Breeding occupied, Bar-coded, Boys and girls