Shopping ethnic, Aisle five
An enchanting woman, Caught my eye
There was a strength in her silence
Beautifully transparent in her solitude
She passed leaving a trail
Of unfulfilled memories
Questions without answers
In a cartoon romance
The wail of healing souls
Cries for the loss of innocence

Vanished and gone
The gray-eyed mystery
Left me half smiling, Sad and lonely
The brightest star in the heavenly skies
Loses a little luster every night
Setting the mood, For a love’s first kiss
Trembling hands, Passionate dance
A candlelit dream
Loss of innocence

Once a heart is given
It never is the same
An ever-changing photo
In a fluid picture frame
Bird on a wire
Cat on a hot tin roof
A million points of view
Birth one life’s truth
Individual and unique
Flowering in shared smiles

Protected by a rainbow, Born to perish
Humbly nesting, On yesterday’s foundation
Carefully choose what you cherish
There is no second chance
Is there a coupon
For the loss of innocence