A giant pine, Stands on a bend, By a majestic flowing river
Mountains, Have been the backdrop for centuries
Reaching, For over 10,000 moons, It has stood the test of time
Withstanding the floods
Roots, Holding together the mighty banks
Each season, Countless nests have been built
Allowing, New life to take flight
Sharing the beauty of song, Through nature’s music
Kids have climbed, Lovers have carved, God left lightning scars
Patience, Age, Wisdom are silent warriors
Welcoming all to thrive, In the shadow of branch and leaf
Families and friends, Dance and pray around its trunk
Simply, Life lived
Giving of itself, Honoring time
Letting others see, What it sees, Hear what it hears, Feel what it feels
Continuing to share, The ever-growing rings, Of the life it creates