Male or female
Death Row’s the same
You’re a crime and a number
Forget your name
For the worst of the worst
There is concrete and steel
An eye for an eye
That’s the deal
So confess your sins
Before your last meal

There was Blaze
A junkie for fire
Smoke and flames
Got him high
Fantasy led to tragedy
He burned alive
A family of three
He ordered;
Prime rib, Garlic mashed, Green beans
Chocolate milk, Apple pie & Ice cream
Anything you want
Roasts to hams
The last choice of the condemned

Killed his wife
And his best friend
Emptied his pistol
Then reloaded again
Surprised lovers
A bloody end
With the flick of a switch
He paid with his life
For Cajun fish stew, Over dirty rice

Baby Boy
Killed young
Slit his neighbors throat
Just for fun
Coal black eyes
A bad bad seed
He just liked
To watch things bleed
His only regret
Was never making love
He ate rare roast beef
Then drank the blood

Twenty Three, Seven
Locked in a cell
A self preserved living hell
At 12:01
Without a stay
It’s time
For judgment day
Be prepared
Don’t be late
A reservation for one
At the Death Row Buffet