When I was a young boy, Wondering what I’d be
Would follow him around, Seeing what he’d see
Taught me to work, Enjoyed play
How to tie my shoes, Shake hands the right way
When it came to respect, It was to always be shown
Some memories of my dad, Now that I’m grown

Explained the facts of life, Best he could
Named the price to pay, When I was not good
Taught me a trade, How to act like a man
To this day, I’m his biggest fan
Most fathers and sons, Don’t see eye to eye
When a son needs, To spread his wings and fly
I remembered the stories, Of people he’d met
Places he’d gone, Things he’d done
To look at me, I’m my fathers son

Time has passed, We’re both older now
Those memories last, They guide my soul
Think about him everyday, Made me the man I am today
How to help others, Be humble and true
Things till this day, I still do
Thanks, For always leading the way
For you, Everyday is father’s day