There is a person in the mirror, I don’t know
Lurking in places, I won’t go
Forever hungry, For more of my soul
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Firmly in control

Dog days of Summer, A depressed marching band
A quarter full of pleasure, From a cartoon lemonade stand
Disney wrapped in Vegas, A V.I.P. avoiding lines
A walk on Apostle, Pimping other people’s time
Bad dreams become life, The second they seem real
Like shooting craps, With a Liberace priest
On a papal battle field

Full of commitment, Leashed by hollow pride
An unraveling bride, Vows to obey, Naked by my side
A loving heart is good, If a lustful mind is controlled
Ugly are the pieces, Of a freshly shattered soul
Like a three headed dragon, Fighting with its tail
No ones in control, Yet someone will prevail