Born in the Big Apple, Child of the city streets
Irish blood and a Gemini soul, Dangerous combo indeed
Moved out to the country, To enjoy fresh air and fun
By choice or coincidence, I was their only son
A sister came before me, She was the golden child
Close but oh so different, Her tame, While I was wild

They sent you off to school, Learn your ABC’s
Color in the lines, Gods word will set you free
I remember sitting at that desk, Watching the world pass by
A dreamer and romantic, The bell rang right on time
Many tried to shape me, Fit me in a perfect mold
I would always fight for life, Try to break their strangle hold

You wind up learning things, You should not have to
Ask Who, What, When or Why, You’ll wind up black and blue
Being held down, One day you will break free
Irish blood was sacrificed, For the Gemini to live free
Older and wiser, I still learn everyday
Been taught many lessons, Stumbled along the way
That boy who moved to Jersey, Is very much alive
Now I create my own world, Call it paradise