I wake up, Feeling damaged everyday
The pain that enslaves me, Never goes away
No matter how I try, I’ll never be like you
You’re picture perfect, Bathed in golden truths

Even my friends, Never get close
You can’t ask or tell, A see through ghost
My soul is dying, Because it can’t breathe
No one, Not even God will love me

With a prejudged future
Choices like these, Are easily made
Poison, A bullet, Warm bath, Some razor blades

Judge and jury, Tried and condemned
Alone among us, Never one of them
When I let go, I hope I’m free
Every chain broken, Shame stripped
Leaving the naked me

Pleasure and pain, Are meant to be felt
Makes a noose out of a belt

All I ever wanted, Was to be myself
Instead, I wound up an unwritten book
On an empty library shelf

Given a second chance, I’d be just like you
Angel perfect, Bathed in golden truths