If you find yourself, In Pagosa Springs
A place where Snow Angels, Hold their summer flings
On Main street, There is a little shop
Where everybody, Has to stop
Helps critters, Cheap not free
Home, Of the Insane Society

The clothes are tailored, Boots always fit
An antique chair, For your cat to sit
Buy great books, Then gift them back
C.D.’s, Scarves or the perfect hat
Reel, Rod and net to fish
Fondue set, Candy dish
Behind the counter, You’ll find the treats
Nine to five, It’s the place to be
Such a deal, The Insane Society

Every appliance ever made
Carving knife, With a Ginsu blade
A signed book, By an author who’s dead
Five dollar hoe, For the tool shed
Bonita, Claudia, Judy, Cindy, All the beautiful ladies
Graciously, Cater to your every need
Philanthropists Jason and Art, From Team Bikini

Walk through the door, Find the discount rack
Haggle with Bonnie the wizard
Only she really knows, What’s in the back
Volunteers, Get paid in peace
Lines are blurred, Between want and need
Donated then bought, Cheap not free
All, Especially critters are welcomed
At the local, Pagosa Springs Insane Society