Wake up feeling traumatized, Has the world passed me by
What happened to me, Forty-nine, Turning fifty
Simpler times have slipped past, Left wrestling with the dreams that last
Some thoughts come and go, Others haunt the inner soul
A childhood full of promises, Loose but never free
Foot prints in the sand, Forty-nine, Turning fifty

Premature, Immature, Always looking back
Chasing the invisible, As the walls crumble and crack
Time leaves me wounded, Aged like wine
Heart skips a beat, The rhythm makes the rhyme
Everything‚Äôs always changing, That’s what I’ve seen
A home grown prescription, Forty-nine, Turning fifty

There’s time to think, About what’s to come
Can’t change, What’s already done
Not every cloud, Has a silver lining
Storms are welcomed, In a forever blue sky
Life’s short, Nothing is guaranteed
Changing my ways, Forty-nine, Turning fifty