It’s everywhere, I look around
A friendly smile laughs, A global sound
Souls, Chasing harmonies and beats
Out the front door, Into the streets
Floods the neighborhood
Taste it, In the local food
Fills the soul
Runs through the blood
The breath of life
Music is love

The chimes of freedom, Need to ring once more
Replace pain and bloodshed, Caused by war
Then sing out and rejoice
The spoken word, One voice
War drums, Become things of the past
Celebrate harvests, Health, And a peace that lasts
New songs for everyone
Rhythm revolution, Fighting has begun
Music is love

Got a Latin beat, With a Midwest stomp
Bayou harmony, Poured on top
Horns, Fill the city streets
Lights come on, Nobody sleeps
Alone with your baby
Need to slow it down
In the silence, Listen to your heart’s beat
Passions, Signature sound

If everything’s been said, Don’t say a thing
Perfection is quiet, When Angels sing
Just listen, It’s all there
Dreams fulfilled, Answered prayers
Power to end, Poverty and disease
Remove fear from everyone
An olive branch, Carried by doves
Join the world band
Music is love