Who is it, Knocking at my door
The savior, With a helping hand
Or the reaper, Who wants more
When it’s all gone
Nothing left to give
They call it anarchy
Cells with zip codes
Is where we’ll live
Sleeping bag and a tent
Everything saved, Already spent
A mirror image, Of a bad dream
Revolution awakes, And fills the streets

Change the channel, Find a war
A few get rich, Lots more, Dead and poor
People go hungry, While bombs explode
Folded flags, Fade in the shadows
Of white marble cross tombstones
Power and greed, Claim all restitution
As the streets fill, With revolution

Everybody, Who uses their voice
Has the right, To vote
Freedom of choice
Empires implode, In a blaze of glory
The meek inherit debt, Same old story
History, Always repeats itself
Question, Governments and media
Unchecked, They spew hate, Call it a solution
You’re a peaceful fortress, An army of love