You made me feel, A brand new way
Reminded me, Of the beauty, In each day
Tasting love, Is full of regrets
There are times, I wished, We never met
Knowing my heart, Belongs to you
Sunset blues

Why do we chase, What we know will arrive
Bride of the day, Is a mistress at night
Not one second more, Would you let me love you
Chained, Tumbling fools
Sunset blues

Outside the window, Waiting at the door
A rainbow of love, Or a tempest storm
In the rear view mirror, Is a raging sea
Passion, For all the world to see
Never alone, Just me and you
Sunset blues

In the touch, Of a silent whisper
I’d sacrifice, My world for you
Sunset blues

A thousand words, Or a picture of you
You’ll come back, Always do
Sunset blues

Tomorrow, Is a new day
I won’t share, You can’t change
Somewhere to be, Something to do
Waiting on you
Sunset blues