Joe, Hitched to Canada in 1964
Left behind, A home and family
He wouldn’t, Go off to war
Now, He lives alone
In a cave, Up on a hill
Slowly, Dies each day
‘Cause, When drafted
He refused, To kill

While Tommy, Was in high-school
Joined, The R.O.T.C.
Grandfather, A sailor in Korea
Father, A decorated Vietnam marine
He, Was just a farm boy
Raising cattle, Chopping wood
Thought he would make, His family proud
Do the world, Some good
Looked polished, In his uniform
A soldier’s, Chiseled face
When he couldn’t kill, On demand
To the army, He was a disgrace
Tried to step away, Find some peace
A deserter, He sits in Leavenworth
As lonely, As can be
Twenty years, To life
Guest, Of the U.S. Army
When decisions, Have to be made
Could, You answer the bell
Choices, Made in life
In Death, Could be hell

A mother watches her son
Lie in bed in constant pain
The morphine and her tears
Flow like poison rain
On patrol in Afghanistan
He stepped on a homemade bomb
Both his legs and all his dreams
Are long, long gone
Just stares out the window
His blue eyes now blood red
He is the lucky one
His partner found in pieces dead

I speak from my heart
Knowing one thing for sure
A lot of pain is needed
To feed a blood thirsty war
Demonstrate in peace
Paint your protest signs
We can change this world
Save some innocent lives
Maybe someday our leaders
Will see, Unite and believe
That more love and compassion is required
In the land of the brave
And the home of the free