I was born into a world, Less right than wrong
The weak are devoured, By the strong
We all deserve love
A safe place to play
Feast on peace
Keep the wolves at bay
From a dark corner, Of my soul
Blinded by belief
Do the heavens, Pray for me

You were born here
I come from there
My cup runneth over
Your cupboard’s are bare
Hunger and sickness
Shadow wealth and prosperity
Born of earth’s shared destiny
Slaves of death bow
To the footloose and fancy free
Tomorrow comes for all
Do the heavens, Pray for me

With a storm on the rise
Some will be cleansed
Others will Melt, Shatter, Break and Bend
Rewards require sacrifice
Swarm dies, Queen pays the price
Will the future condemn reality
Humanity, Friend or Foe
Belief never dies
People bleed
Do the heavens, Pray for me