Why is it, That you don’t call home
Someone, Is waiting all alone
For that phone to ring
Be on time, Set things straight
Don’t wait too long, Might be too late
Life, Is in your hands
Remember those, Who taught you well
In the end, Only time will tell

If life is true or false
It’s amazing to me, Changing points of view
How flying pig’s, Make all the rules
We somehow think, All will be O.K.
We’re at war, In debt
All on your time and credit
Who’s in charge
Will everything I believed, Be a regret
Is the country safe, Environment pure
Read doctored book’s, The disease becomes the cure

We owe each other, Certain things
Peace, So we all can live
Space, Where we are free to give
Innocence, Is on the wind
I question the times, In which we live
Living, True to the cause
Don’t try to be right, When you’re wrong
Every day, We are asked to believe
In truth, Love and honesty
Reasons, For peace and purity
Given the opportunity
Together, We can all be free
Reminded, Never to underestimate
The power of self
Ultimate accountability