I need to go up to the mountains, Set my soul free
Let it soar with the eagles, Up in the high country
Where the bear and elk, All raise their young
In the glow, Of the aspen trees
Gonna scream my sins, At the top of my lungs
Nobody, Will hear me
I need to cleanse my soul, In the rivers and streams
Go up to the mountains, Let my soul soar free

Under a great big pine, I’m going to dig a little hole
Bury all my baggage, Before I leave to go home
Next time you look me up, You might not recognize me
Gonna head to the mountains, Where owls and devils fly free

Take some time, Do some healing, I’ll be better off you’ll see
Build a camp for my pain and hurt to live, No longer bother me
Every time I need to, I’ll start to make that climb
Carry you every step of the way, That one true love of mine
But know when I come back, I’ll be a better man to you
I’m off to the high country, It’s what I need to do

Come up to the mountains, You too can be free
Bathe under the moon, In the pouring rain
Be one with mother nature, Enjoy her lovely home
Head up to the mountains, Where you’re never truly alone