There is a sunset, Waiting everyday
Just for the second to rise
It knows no jury, Judge or compromise
Since I’ve been born, I learned a few things
The sun says hello, The moon says goodbye
To the Gods above, I still ask why
Born to a good life, Why me
I don’t know
Life, Becomes a flake of snow
Bringing it home, Keeping it real
I wonder, How do you feel
Day by day, Trying to get by
Everyday, there is a sunset
Waiting, For the second to rise

When I look, To the future
Don’t like what I see
I come, From Lucky Town
Where everything is reality
People talk of space
About others left behind
I’m asking forgiveness
For lost time
Already dead, On the vine
Something for the effort, In Lucky Town
Everyone wins a prize
Everyday, There is a sunset
Waiting, For the second to rise