Walking through life
I met a lady
Right now, I forget her name
It might be the drink
Maybe the smoke
She burned brighter
And welcomed me
Like, The Statue of Liberty flame

You could see her, Coming for miles
Natural blond streak
And a million dollar smile
Ran a tight ship
Kept an even score
Bring what you had
In her humbleness, You found more

At first, She scared me half to death
Then I realized
It was the same respect
A baby shows, To its first breath
So new, It knows not what it needs
Like clockwork
There’s a life that breaths

The knowledge she passed
Was something I thought
I already had
Compared to her beauty
Angels felt sad

She complimented others
With the touch of her hand
Heart full of music
Roared, Like a high school marching band
She knew perfection was a myth
Like Robin Hood
From the powerful
She stole their strength
Perfumed it for you
And weakness became a gift
When I was not pure
I spoke with many regrets
But I was lost
A sun waiting to set

But she was never more beautiful
In my mind
Than when we first met
A rose smells nice
Thorns cause pain
Now she’s just a part
Of life’s fast lane

I can see her face
Hear her voice
I’ll never forget
How she inhaled my pain
Truly Heaven’s Angel
Yet to be recognized by God
And given a saintly name
Remember your teachers
They are few and far between
A delicious lady
Who never needed a crown
To be a Goddess & a Queen