With the full moon rising, And the red planet high
A shaman set out, For a midnight ride
Traveling, Through the magic autumn breeze
Invisible, Light, Shadowed by the trees
Out, To where the river feeds the grass
With the heavy rains, There’s been a steady flow
A sea of nourishment
It’s the home, Of the sacred mount

With the chief’s new son
A magic horse, Would be required
Fleet of foot, A warrior and a hunter
With the heart, To raise a boy
Make him, The next great chief
Partner to Mother Earth
Father to the tribe
Leader of all

Waiting for the early sun
To shadow his moves
Watching their silhouettes glow
Steam rising from their matted beds
Each revealing its own markings
Will he find the chosen one
The paint to be the new throne
He knows he is here
That’s why he came
To complete his vision