Blessed and unique, Be yourself
Why try to be, Someone else
Path to promise, Paved with gold
Rebuke the lies, Break the Devils hold
Welcome home, Don’t run away
Angels wings, Come judgment day

Mirror of truth, Sees only you
Change the game, Still the same rules
Told at first breath, We’re not good enough
Born to receive, Die without love
Music can’t be heard, By souls not listening
Yet the tiniest light, Can shatter darkness
Freeing lost souls, For eternity

Stand and be counted
Around every turn, A new creature awaits
Forever’s a gift to the present
Free as the wind, Calming waters
A beating heart, Survives is a living dream
Learn the word, Speak only the truth
Rise and fall, Humbleness stands tall
Answered prayers, Weakens the Devils proof
Sanctified, Crucified, Baptized, Unified
Broken perfection, Blessings
Offered to a forgiving creator
Awaits all who inspire humanity