You left me on the edge
Should have been a better friend
Since the beginning of time
We, Glorified the end
Tasted desperation, Feasted on pain
Only truth we had was us, Alone it’s not the same
World paid a price, Day you set your soul free
Sold me cheap, Gave yourself away
Floating, In your wake of forgiveness
Drowning, In a sea of pain
Praying, You’re in a better place
Destined, To be born again

Is it dark, Are you sad and lonely
Like you were here
Have the clouds, Eased your mind
Angels, Released your fears
Were you welcomed home, To streets paved in gold
Does the beauty of youth, Replace the ugly of old
Candle in the window, Burns eternally bright
While your shadows missed, I search for you day and night

I basked in your innocence
Newspaper helmet, Plastic sword in hand
Knight in shining armor, Protector of our land
Every situation, Knew just what to do
You’d lay down, Your life for me
I couldn’t save you
Never said a word, Thought I saw it all
Should have been, A shoulder to lean on
Never let you fall

So so sorry, Please accept my apology
Behind blue eyes, Your soul cried, Never finding peace
Bleeding empathy, We were one in the same
Tag team champions, Misfits hall of fame
Promised, We’d go together, Partners in crime
Life or death, Pick your poison
Paint your masterpiece
Possibilities are endless, Decisions final
Choose carefully