I could show you over and over
Tell you again and again
You complete me, Holy Trinity
Sole mate, Lover, Friend

In a world so unforgiving, Your beauty never ends
Shadowing my Guardian Angel, You dwell deep within
Tried to be perfect, Falling forever short
Pieces of my broken heart, Forever yours
Broken is different, Then falling apart
Who’ll fix the man, With the shattered heart

Wrap me up, Take me home
Gifts like us, Shouldn’t be alone
I’m rough around the edges, You’re silky smooth
Everything about you, Puts me in the mood
We’re both special, Facts are facts
Lost in each other, No coming back
Calamity, Profanity, Insanity,
You and me, Are meant to be

In the forest of mirrors
Hidden reflections of forbidden fruit

Spread passion on the winds, Immortalizing you
The mysteries of attraction, Disguised
Rearranging Cupids landscape
Utopia, Under a Devils sky

It will heal and break your heart, Smile and cry
Might not have forever, Now seems right

Heard from a humble giver of life
Wise beyond her years

Confessed, Caring to much has consequences

Can’t ease the worlds fears
Find comfort in your shadow

Your journey is shared, Gracefully be prepared
Caretaking humanity, Is a noble thing to do
Only way that happens, Don’t sacrifice you
Find your calling, Never let it go
You arrived, When I opened my heart and soul
Blessing me, Gifting me compassion

Making us whole
Simply beautiful, Being in love
Let our world, Care take us