Heading out of Atlanta, The clock struck nine
Got everyplace to go, But never the right time
The wheels keep on rolling, Singing their song
Somewhere in the sound, We all get along
Night, Is a special place to stay
Got nothing to do, With the rest of the day

Ever so subtle, She walks on by
Guilty, As a murder’s alibi
A star, With no one to meet
What a lady, What a smile, What a dance
With her, Like life, There is no second chance
If upon tomorrow’s rain, She was to cry
Devil chases sin, Love never says goodbye

Something sitting, On my windowsill
Sun, Rain, Winters chill
When the birds, Start to sing
Anew, Is everything
Hear the sounds, Look around
Fall in love, It’s all possible and true
Living inside, The real you
Welcome, To another day
Where together, Angels and anger play
Choose neither side, Or wear a crown
Nothing, But love lives in this town