Climb that mountain, Dance on the edge
Enough walking and talking, Fulfill the pledge
You can’t out run, What’s inside of you
The hero in us all, Knows just what to do
The magic, Is in the leap, Eternal bliss
Guided on your journey by, The Angel of the abyss

Wind in your hair, Smile on your face
Every step is a mile, Last place, Wins the race
A trapped soul yearns, To again be free
The ultimate gift, For those who believe
Stop hiding in the mirror, And steal the devil’s kiss
You’re a beacon in the darkness, The Angel of the abyss

Everyone gets scared, Why shouldn’t you be
Only you’re prepared, For what comes naturally
Nothing known, Need be taught
Anything owned, Can’t be bought
Being rich, Is possessing, Nothing you can give
Life’s a puzzle, Waiting to be lived
Piece by piece, We become, The Angel of the abyss