It breaks my heart, You know it’s true
To see you, So sad and blue
Sell my soul to the devil, Sleep out in the rain
If I thought, It would ease your pain
When you hurt, I hurt too
What’s a man in love, Supposed to do

Give you nothing but sunshine, Take away your fear
Keep you safe and warm, Treat you like a queen my dear
Lay you down in a bed of clover, Sleep out under the stars
Let you dream of gods and angels, That’s how important you are
If I thought it would ease your pain, Make you smile again
All of this and more, I would do
That’s what a man in love, Should do

Side by side, Treasure you for life, Keep the blues away
The promise I made, The vows I’ll keep, ‘Til my dying day
It’s hard to be apart, Broken, I’ve got everything to prove
Come back home, Let me show you
What a man in love, Should do