No one ever doubted, We would stand the test of time
Roller-skates and prom dates, Midnight movie theater lines
Both young and sweet, Desperate to please
Givers yet to ask, The price of free
Never say you’re sorry, Please don’t walk away
I can’t love you more, Then I do today
Lonely in the dark, I whisper your name
The silence of black shadows, Rainbow of pain
Wondering, Will anybody ever love me again

If you were here, I’d listen to you breathe
Turn myself into golden shoes, Upon your feet
No matter where you went, You could walk all over me
Your cup, Would never be empty, Skies always blue
Deliver my soul from hell, Reincarnated in front of you
Sacrifice everything, Knowing there is nothing to gain
Wondering, Will anybody ever love me again

Spelled by God, Love is a four letter word
Just like, Give and take, Here and gone
As time and life head south, I wish I could fly
Float that arc, With tears cried
Even a loner knows, Where to go and why
Every time I open my eyes, The sun is always gone
Lightning, Thunder, Wind and rain
Wondering, Will anybody ever love me again