Spent my whole live, Waiting for you
I’d know it, By the things you do
Then one day, You walked in
Things just made sense again
Will the past let forever be
What will happen, To you and me

Made a wish, It came true
Now what the hell, Do I do with you
Sometimes simple, Just takes time
Courage and compassion, Are yours and mine
Triumphs outweigh tragedy, For life is full of both you see
From the start, You have to believe
What will happen, To you and me

If I could give you, Just one day
I swear I would, Do everything I could
To replenish your wells with good
So that you can see, The world is waiting, For your arrival
The table lacks, What you bring
On hold, The feast of life
Desires the best of everything
My love is free
What will happen, To you and me

To live is to dream, You are the proof
Spent my whole life, Waiting for you