Like sharing a smile, With a stranger, On a passing train
Feels nice, But chances are, It will never happen again
To some a shock, For others a relief
You might get buried, With your boots on
But you die, With your beliefs

There is right now, Yesterday and forever to come
A three-piece puzzle, By which we all will be judged
When you close your eyes, At the end of the day
Are you the God, To which you pray
Who you are, What you’ve done
New moons rise, Time sets with old suns
Don’t wait for tomorrow, To think about the end
Sleep to dream, Now to then

Find peace in every moment, Gift it to others
Let it flow through you pure, Beautiful and true
You can only forget, What you’ve already known
Immortal regrets, Forever tarnish a soul
Every little decision, Plots a brand new course
Wasted energy, Depletes the source
Infinite new beginnings, Come cradled in the end
Humbled, By the comfort of knowing
You, Would always be there for me
Every last breath taken, Sets an Angel’s soul free