Silence always hides, It never runs
Theory or Big Bang, Where do we come from
Like flowers for some, A trellis to grow
The scariest place, One can go
With silence, You are never alone
It is the outer voice, Of your inner soul
A foundation on which, To build your home
In the nourishing light of the sun
Somewhere in the silence
Forever has begun

Prophecy or profit
Do you have – To have not
Is what you found
What you were looking for
Listen for the open door
Each beautiful step
Is a success and a regret
The ocean of life, Welcomes another sunset
Every day we are reborn
Tattered but strong
Comforted by the silence
A part of me belongs

Together, Forever, Side by Side
Is who we are, What we hide
Remember, Where you’re from
What’s the difference, Between you and the sun
Everything to everyone
Transformation feeds destiny
Without silence
There is no journey