The challenge, In getting where you’re going
Is found, In how we choose to get there
Every step, Is a legacy
Influencing, The winds that lay silent
Waiting to soar, Carrying you forward
Through the highs and lows
Of a landscape, Created by your unique vision
As passions rain down, Thunder erases the darkness
Freeing the soul, Worship in humility

Answering, The unasked questions
Connecting, Future dots
Allowing life, To outshine the funeral pyre
A rainbow, That never fades, Guiding believers
The four seasons of tomorrow, Bearing fruit
A tsunami, Of innocence and forgiveness
The layered textures, Of Angelic symphonies
A masterpiece, Of tears and smiles
Harnessed contemplation,
From the dark, Light will come
Faith, Hope and Destiny, Shine as one