I need to go someplace
Where I can finally sleep
An honest place, To truly be at peace
Hearts and souls, Fly with Angels free
You are always, Lying next to me
It’s comforting, To know that I love you
In a world full of lies, You’re my only truth
Love is a blanket, Protects us from the cold
Every day alive, Together we grow old
Our time is now, It’s where we need to be
A beautiful red sunset, Bleeding into the sea
Loves laughter, Carries on the breeze
I need to go
Where I can finally sleep

Always running, Wheels spinning round
A cloud in the sky, Casting shadows on the ground
Warmed by the sun, Lit by the moon
Running out of time
Without a second to loose
Who we are, Is what we believe
Faith is a gift, That dreamers need
Rest my head, Finally sleep

No need to worry, Don’t ever fear
Know thyself, Listen to what you hear
Healing music, Is a familiar song
As we pass, Between here and gone
Bonds of passion, Forged instantly
Partners in infinity
Take my hand
Walk with me
Worship our destiny
I need to find a place
Where I can finally sleep