Every day is hard
When you feel small
Crawling as you fight
Unable to stand at all
An outsider
Looking in on reality
Searching for a savior
Who can comfort me

Never fit in, Do nothing right
Beaten by day, Sleepless at night
Not the golden child, Born to lose
Force fed a life, No one would choose
Scared like a rabbit, Running out of trail
Reapers hungry, Nipping at your tail

Rewind, Doesn’t mean change
Everything said or done
Always remains the same
Everyone needs a friend
On which they can depend
Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc
Time never ends

A bird like me
Never sings
A death spiraling eagle
With clipped wings
No surrender, No retreat
Every day, I fight to breathe

Dreams and feelings
Imagined or real
Time the thief, Can’t steal
Before judgment
As a human being
Look people in the eye
Imagine, How they feel