I looked in the mirror, To see what I might find
Found a strong man, Who wanted to cry
Things, Seemed lost and found
Past and present, Spinning round and round
Good and bad, Inhabit the lands
Born a child, Trying to understand
Hurricanes and rainbows, A boy is a man

Somewhere, Inside my Mother’s voice
I stop and think, Which is a choice
That second in time, Is real
Uneasy, With how I feel
Am I doing, The best I can
A question I ask, Again and again
First step, In being a man

To live free, Is to know who’s in charge
Time is short, When you live life large
Loving yourself, Is not vanity
It’s the gift you’ll give, To all you meet
Knowing and sharing, Is teaching
Passion, Rules, Responsibility
A part of you, Given freely
A challenge, Is a chance lived
Settle into time now, Not then
The sun doesn’t fade, It always sets
The moon changes shape, Never forgets
Breathe deep, Stand firm, On shaky ground
If each step, Took a year
Where would you stand
Through the journey and the path
Walks, The legacy of a man