Met a Texas Angel, Last night in a bar
Like the Fourth of July, With shooting stars
This Lone Star love, Ran deep and true
Memorized, I was hooked and lured
Doing the two-step, On that honky-tonk floor

To the Playboy’s and Bill, She would float and twirl
My kind of music, My kind of girl
Love is like lighting and moonshine, In a mason jar
Met a Texas Angel, Last night, In a honky-tonk bar

The skirt, Boots and concho belt
Her cowgirl hat, Made me melt
Texas eagle feather, Horse hair band
She, Was my red dirt plan
Sunset smile, Hair long
More beautiful, Then a Willie song
Shot of courage, I asked her to dance
Smelled her perfume, We joined hands
Beat came down, On the count of four
My wife, Burst through the front door
Our two kids, Strapped to her back
True blue, Lone Star, Love attack

The police came, I volunteered for jail
Fired my attorney, Refused bail
After thirty days, The judge threw me out
As I snuck out the back, I heard her scream and shout
Ran through traffic, Side swiped a car
Bought a one-way ticket for two
For me and my Texas Angel
On the next shooting star