I was born, On yesterdays dreams
Howling through canyons, Rattling trees
Every second I am reborn, Day, Night, Early morn
Passionate love, Then my boots are gone
I never forget, The important things
Miles to go, Songs to sing
Rock bottom, Ain’t as bad as it seems
I was born, On yesterday’s dreams

Shot out of a gun, Ain’t slowed down yet
Win or show, Place a losing bet
Open a book, Pick a page
Knowledge is the key, To understanding the cage
Sad and lonely, Is a sacred heart
Fighting for life, As it falls apart
Pray for rain, It might pour
Have you ever gotten, More then you asked for
In a past life, I was an old Brujo
When things get dark, He is good to know
In mid day, He walks with shadows
Reality, Is what we believe
I was born, On yesterday’s dreams

Woke up, It was plain to see
Things, Were not going well for me
So I threw on a blazer, And a bad ass scarf
Blasted the tunes, Dropped the top on my car
Surviving and gasping, Is there a prize
Gods worships us, Cause we’re alive
Few precious things, Are rarely as imagined
Our silence, Witnessed the master plan
By the light, Of the longest day
Do you love, Judge, Or do the best you can
With many masters to serve, Live a humble life
Never forget, To grieve
I was born, On yesterday’s dreams