A captured slave, Running free
Damaged, By what I’ve seen
I was taught
Believe, What you’re told
Now I know
History and humanity
Are bought and sold
The books that I read
Listed, The Bill of Rights as fact
Now we have, The Patriot Act
Mass general education
Is the rich man’s
Public masturbation
Kids, No longer play dodge ball
Are we any safer
Behind, Our nuclear walls
Look, Upon the horizon
You see, Their master plan
Monsanto foods and micro chipped humans

Sunday, Is reserved
For God and game
Put your wager
In the plate
A chariot race
Between sin and faith
Every race is close
But, We already know who wins
News is delivered
With a nod, A wink and a grin
Something’s wrong
We live it everyday
Even global warming
Hasn’t changed our ways
Is the latest Ponzi scheme
Where the rights just to exist
Are a Fellini scene
Held hostage, In a detox Lindsey Lohan dream