Angels singing, Devils screaming
Different points of view
Hear them tell it, They’re both true
Running a way’s hard, Only good thing I do
Time to settle down, Coming home to you

Close my eyes, Live inside my mind
Relive the struggles, Dream of happier times
Leaving the past behind, Bury broken bones
Lonely, Not alone
Speechless poet, Coming home

I grew old, Scared to be young
Embraced the bad. Refused to have fun
In the blink of an eye, Took another mans life
Fast lane, Alcohol and drugs, Slowly consumed mine
Dying to live, Coming full circle, On a one way track
Sell my soul, To get that second back

A million different lifetimes, I have lived
Dined with disciples, Committed mortal sins
Main street, Welcomed me home
Like a long lost friend
Mirror doesn’t lie, Reflects where you’ve been
How much you’ve grown
Accept forgiveness, Never alone

Embody a place, Finally settle down
Build a little nest, Friends and family all around
Sing with the Angels choir
Let the Devil dance alone
Seek eternal peace
On the lost highway, Streets paved in gold
Be the journey, You’re always coming home