Cornbread and red beans
On the stove all the time
I got your boogie, You got mine

Rolling thunder, Sunday afternoon
House is full, Of rhythm and blues
Grandma’s fresh, Cajun food
All the fixins’, Done up right
Fires up, Around midnight
The honky-tonk players, Come to sit in
Lady on their arm, Flask of bathtub gin
You can feel it for miles around, It’s party time
I got your boogie, You got mine

Down in the bayou, We’re on our own
The spice of life, Fills everybody’s home
Music, Dance, Good food
Cajuns, Are always in the mood
My house or yours
Peach, Cherry, Grape moonshine
I got your boogie, You got mine

Bathed in Ole Miss, Raised from the mud
Zydeco music’s, In our blood
A swamp sunrise, Dinner out your front door
Family for miles, Who could ask for more
A hurricane, Po’ Boy, Some oysters too
Become the beat, Take off your shoes
Bourbon Street, Got funk, Boogie and blues
Life above and below ground, Young and old
Legends abound, New stories to be told
Every day is Mardi Gras, That ain’t no crime
I got your boogie, You got mine